Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lazy day.

Feeling rather tired today, need to start working on studio logo since the person who has the tax license wants it to be done for our folder for profit. Not that big of a deal or anything but I am just feeling so tired that I don't want to do anything, though I know I should. I already have a basic idea of the logo, so honestly it's not a lot of work so I should get to it. I only have about five more pages of this sketch book so I should fill it, it bothers me. While I love being able to look through my old sketchbook and see the progress, I bought a new one around Christmas and it's bigger and the page quality looks nicer, I am sort of excited to use it. (I get excited over paper, how stupid.) That and I need to start using my markers more.

I wish April or Taylor would give me more of the Moomin series, that's what I love to watch in my free time. I already finished what I have so I don't know what to do when I am procrastinating. Playing pokemon usually, though I am a bit lost in red right now. Since it's a hack I have two eevees, which I was a dork and also got excited over since eevee used to be my favorite. (Now it's shinx.)

I also want some food that isn't crackers, that's what I have been eating for breakfast lately. I know I need to eat more, but I want to lose weight, and I usually puke up most things otherwise. Though right now I could honestly go for a good glass of soy milk. I might just go do that.